AOL Instant Messenger Shuts down Permanently

Social medias are the base of virtual world. It is estimated that more than 30% of people use internet for the sake of utilizing social media. Hence, we can analyze the critical importance of social media on the internet. If we look back in time, we can see the variation of social media now and then ! With the passage of time, social medias became much powerful, secured, advanced as well as reliable. The path and the agents involved in social media development seems to be much vast and the principles used sounds amazing ! One of such pioneer factors is AOL Instant Messenger.
AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) was an instant messaging computer program which enabled users to communicate in real time. It was popular back then, in 1990s to Mid 2000s, and is considered to be the pioneer stuff of social media development. With the evolution of time and development of social media, and popularity of Facebook and Twitter made AIM to fade away, which made it's owner Oath Inc. to permanently shut down AIM service from Dec 15, 2017, stated on October 5, 2017!

It's such an unhappy moment for adults, who grew up using AIM to say goodbye to something which enlightened their past. AIM was the one of the best instant messaging program to communicate with others. It was the pivotal part of introduction to life on the internet for most of the people. It helped people understand the internet communication carefully and emotionally in a way that people could understand the vast pace of internet growth and it's importance in the future. AIM wasn’t the first instant messaging tool to exist, but it was the most widely used and influential in broad strokes, making it possible for us to feel at home in lots of different online settings.
Messaging apps are still so similar to the pattern which AIM used and popularized. Considering Zuckerberg, he created Facebook’s original chat feature as the same format AIM was designed. Zuckerberg’s  Facebook Messenger, has a few improvements, but the basics are all there:
  • A buddy list 
  • Online activity statuses 
  • And the ability to chat one on one, or in a group.
AIM never stood a chance at keeping up with the pace of innovation on the web, which is why it has left, but that doesn’t change what it meant to us. AIM truly set the parameters for most of our virtual interactions, so when it goes dark on Friday, it will be gone but certainly not forgotten !

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