Importance Of An Image In A Blogger Post

An image is worth a thousand words.
The thing that we cannot explain by text can be explained by the help of images. The importance of image is further extending and it has created it's own unique necessities.

With the joint collaboration with Picasso blogger allows. Total of 1 GB storage for the images only. If you want, you can host your images in google also. Today we shall be solely discussing the importance of images in the blogger posts. Read them thoroughly below;

  • Enhances the beauty of blog;

If used properly and matched with the design and layout of the page images can enhance its beauty. It will attract more visitors and lead to the visitors smile. More over that site will earn fame is no time. So we can conclude that images have a great roles to uplift the beauty of blog.

  • Drives extra traffic;

There are millions of search for images in different site. So we can assume that your images can come as a search result in the image search. So I request you to submit your site to big search engines like google, Bing,yahoo,etc. Thus this will help to drive extra traffic to your blog.

  • Makes your concept of the post clear;

May be you are a great writer and you have much good concepts enlisted in the post. But all the posts concepts are not understood by people. In such case images are of great help. They makes the people awe about the concepts moulded in your post and gives them a proper vision to see the strategy clearly. So images can also used as a means to make concepts clear.

  • Makes Your Content Longer;
After blogger want's to write good and lengthy content. But it is quite troublesome while writing with text only. It may sound quite stupid but it's true that if we add pictures then it will occupy the content space and thus the post looks longer and is definite to get good remarks.
  • Makes The Content Humorous/Interesting;
As for the visitors, they feel quite bored to read through the text only. In this case adding images can provide help. It will attract users interest and attention. This way users remain active throughout the post and you are the one to get benefit.

So, my friends I request all of you to add at least a single image in each of your post. By this you will be benefited yourself.

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