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As you all know how popular google already is and how much traffic you can simply get organic traffic by simply submitting your site to google. But remember search result is simply a sector to gain traffic and you would be surprised to know that there are tons of sectors out there.

One of those sectors is Google News. To simply put it google news is the collection of news feeds from around thousands of other blogs around the world. Many blogs which runs with the manpower based on multiple authors have submitted their blogs and get a huge traffic and above all these traffic is extremely organic.
So do you want to submit your site to google news and get traffic? Of, course yes. Who wouldn't want free traffic? Isn't it.
But before your site has to qualify for it. Please read some criteria below;

Important Things To Keep In Ming Before Submitting;

  • Your site should be flooded with new ideas daily. I mean at least 2-5 posts per-day.
  • Google news is primarily for organizations. So single handed blogger if submitted their site then they may not keep their pace.
  • The site which you submit should be unique and reflect something new, not just the same copy things.
  • The detailed privacy policy as well as the disclaimer should be present in your site.
If your site covers the above mentioned criteria then you may consider submitting your site. To submit follow below;
  • Go to "Getting into google news" page.(opens in a new tab)
  • Then scroll down and reach the last part of that page. Also see the things written in that page as they are important.
  • When you reach the last you can see "Share Your Site With Us" heading.
  • In that paragraph there is the submition link.
  • Keep up with the options provided and continue.
Now, your google news application is provided. If your blog complies with their policy (requirements given above) then your blog feed will be listed.
Wish you all the best with google new.

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Thanks for this valuable tutorial, will try this.

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